Eye Care Project for Pensioners and Learners

The Purpose

To provide quality, onsite eye testing by experienced optometrists to SASSA social grant pensioners across South Africa. Provision of prescription glasses would significantly improve the quality of life to a needy and economically challenged sector of society.

This can also be extended to school children. Surveys have shown that 1 in 4 children have learning disabilities due to poor eye-sight.

The National Eye Institute notes that¬†presbyopia –¬†a vision disorder of diminished ability to focus properly – affects everybody after age 40 and is particularly pronounced after age 60. It is conservatively estimated that around 80% of pensioners are in need of prescription eye glasses. Eye diseases, eg. cataracts, macula degeration increases with age. We can refer such for further treatment.

The Background

  • There are approximately 3,380,904 old age SASSA pensioners drawing R1,690 per month.
  • Basic, single vision prescription glasses (reader or distance) costs around R1,500 at the lower end and as much as R2,500 at the upper end.
  • Just an eye test from a registered optometrist could cost as much as R500.
  • These costs preclude the majority of pensioners from procuring the services of much needed optometry.

Registration number: 220-176 NPO | SARS Taxpayer registration number: 9888935161